Casey Hester

Builder, Texas Flip N Move

A third-generation home mover, Casey comes with a strong pedigree. He pairs his expertise in building and moving homes together with Catrina’s seasoned eye for design. From bargains to big bucks, these do-it-yourselfers are teaming up for big profits. Casey is quick with a joke and even faster with a flip. When the cameras are off, he can be found fishing with his wife and family.

Latest News from Casey Hester

Ol’ Rando

Helping Ol’ Rando’ make some shelving.


Just taking it easy.

Cutting Corners

If you start cutting corners, you’re going to have a funny looking house.

Flipping Homes

People say flipping homes is hard, and it can be. But what’s really hard is not wanting to keep it when you’re done.

Get Excited

There are lots of things to get excited about round here.

Got a new truck, fall is on its way, college football season is coming back, and Season 7 of Texas Flip N Move is coming soon. Good times ahead!

Tummy Rumbles

Where’s lunch? And who is buying? I’m looking at you Randy.

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